Field Projects

Field Projects

Our field projects in India, Kenya and Peru aspire to increase our understanding of how to integrate human rights ideas and approaches into maternal mortality work at national, sub-national and local levels. They also seek to build bridges among human rights, public health, and women’s rights groups.

Eugenia in Ayaviri

The rural areas of Ayaviri and Yauli, located in the highlands of the Puno & Huancavelica regions of Peru, have exorbitantly high poverty rates, as well as high rates of maternal mortality. 

Kenya clients queue

This project aims to strengthen the delivery of maternity care in Yatta District, Kenya, and to increase women's access to these services.  Maternal health in Kenya has steadily been worsening during the past two decades, and the use of skilled maternity care during childbirth is declining. 


This project aims to address problems of poor quality services for maternal health in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, India.  Uttar Pradesh is a region in India with extremely high poverty rates, with almost a third of its population living below the national poverty line.